ProxiMat ™ - centers your VR universe while in immersion.

This mat was specifically designed to give the best understanding as to where you are and what your movement range is while you are using virtual reality. 

Additional benefits are derived from the commercial grade anti-fatigue composition of this mat. The ProxiMat SGRA-3M VR Spacial Proximity mat is designed to improve your experience in virtual reality whether you are tethered by cables or using a wireless casting device for full freedom of motion. 

ProxiMat has a unique design with raised indicators in the front and center of the mat to give you tactile feedback as to your location on the mat and in respect to the room. It works well in conjunction with your system's activated chaperone system - giving you touch and visual feedback as to your position while immersed in virtual reality. 

Made in USA. Assembled in USA. Designed for VR gamers by VR gamers. 2 Sizes available: Product radius varies by user height and reach, averages given in room scale usability. 

Made from durable 3/8" Thick commercial grade anti-fatigue sponge. 
This mat can also be used for VR Drone Racing where the pilot is stationary or is required to have limited movement. It also allows for longer periods of standing and helps with the discomforts associated with stationary or limited mobility. 

The size of the ProxiMat(tm) are designed to give tactile feedback with both feet, one foot and no feet on the mat (which tells you that you are outside of the safety zone) The buttons in the mat provide tactile feedback as to the center and front of the mat. 

Please note that controllers or headsets in product images are not included - shown for sizing.

ProxiMat | SGRA* | Large | VR Virtual Reality Chaperone Safety Mat

Color Option
    • Works with hardwood floor, concrete, tile, commercial low profile carpet only. High Pile carpet not recommended.
    • Great for long standing sessions with commercial grade anti-fatigue sponge construction.
    • Works great with all standing and room scale games/applications - Multi-system - Reduces Vertigo.
    • Ideal for use with popular games such at FallOut4VR, FireWall Zero Hour, SuperHot, Beat Saber, Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VR, Echo Arena.
    • Designed for Home Use, Commercial Use, School and University Lab use, and VR Arcades.