Write a comic dialog 

Help us write the conversations for the 'Adventures in Virtual Reality' comics! An example is shown on the first one, but let us know what you'd write for one, two or all three - let your creativity fly! We'd like to see what you can come up with & we'll pick our favorites and put them up for a poll to see what everyone thinks!

All of the panes for the comics go from top to bottom, left to right order. This is an example of what a submission should look like. For this example would be:

Submission for Comic 1

1. Man!! Making Friends in VR is so difficult!

2. Meet someone new.

3. They come at you with a sword.

4. ...and before you know it, you're alone again.

We'll give the writer credit at the bottom of the page if we use your vision to create a final comic to release into public domain.

What would you say for #1?
What would you say for #2?
What would you say for #3?

This is done as a fun interactive concept. This is not a contest or a giveaway. All submissions are subject to being public domain. Be creative, have fun and we'll post some of our favorites on our site and our social streams. Thank you for being awesome!